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Trucker Guardian - Fleet Tracking


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  • Model: guardian-truck
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • Manufactured by: Guardian Wireless

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Save time and money with our Trucker Guardian! Trucker Guardian allows you to not only track your trucks, but also communicate with them and manage them online!

Truck Tracker

Log on to your secure online account and track your trucks! Retrieve their coordinates and view them on a map. Make sure they are where they should be. Find out where they are if they are lost and direct them.

Trucker Communicator - Driver Communication

Communicate with your drivers using our Trucker Communicator! Drivers can send quick messages using our message templates. Our easy online interface allows you or a manager to send a quick message to any truck driver!

Easy & Fast Communication


Send and receieve quick messages to and from your drivers

Send a new load request to your drivers

Know when they drop off or pick up a load

Save Time & Fuel Costs

Know when they stop, start, or take a break

Know if they go over their working hours or take too long of a break

Send Help Immediately

Be notified when your drivers are lost and provide them with directions

Know when their truck has broken down and is in need of repairs


Track your trucks online! Log on to view where your trucks are. View where your trucks are whenever you want to or set up hourly/daily status/coordinate requests for a truck or your entire fleet!


Add, remove, edit, and manage a truck, fleet, driver, or manager! View or add maintenance dates for each of your trucks! Add and manage your loads and saved locations. Assign, unassign, or re-assign a truck to a Trucker Guardian unit.


Send messages to your truck drivers and view messages you have receieved or sent to them! Keep track of the messages you send and receive.


Edit your account information, company information, or add or remove a new manager. Give them access to view a certain fleet or truck online! Set up how regularly you want reports sent to you.

Because of our online management system, you can track your trucks anytime, and anywhere at your convenience.

As the Trucker Guardian is a wireless system that uses the Inmarsat D+ Satellite Network, allowing our product to meet your needs globally. You will be able to track your trucks way out of the range of regular cellular networks.


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