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Tattle-Trail TTK 550 Towing Monitor System


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  • Model: TTK550
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Tattle-Trail TTK 550 is a portable wireless towing monitor system that checks for excess vibration in towed vehicles. The transmitter (which mounts with suction cups to any smooth surface such as a windshield, mirror, counter top, etc. in the towed vehicle) is designed to sense vibration levels in 5 wheel and camping trailers, enclosed boats, trucks, cars or any other towed vehicles that provide protection from the weather and have windows to provide  pathways  for a  wireless signal. The receiver (which mounts with hook/loop adhesive to the towing vehicle dashboard) is designed to be used in all towing vehicles including bus conversions, Class A, B, or C motorhomes, trucks and cars. In addition to the transmitter and receiver, the  TTK 550 system includes two power cords with 12VDC plugs (cigarette lighter), storage carrying case, instruction manual and quick reference help card.

In operation, the TTK 550 system continuously monitors for increased levels of vibration in the towed vehicle. Increased vibration may be the result of tire tread separation, loose or blown tires, broken suspension, loose hitch or ball or runaway vehicle.  Any chassis vibration in the towed vehicle exceeding the user selected "normal" threshold (adjusted on the receiver while driving) generates both audible and visual alarms in the towing vehicle. The driver may then follow standard towing safety guidelines to stop and check the towed vehicle for problems, thereby reducing further damage and towing hazards.

Additional features include a voltage monitor that alerts the user of a low battery condition in the towed vehicle, and a "Park" mode that monitors the towed vehicle formovement or break-in while parked. With the use of a 120VAC/12VDC adapter (TTA 120), the towed vehicle may be monitored in the “Park” mode from a remote location (motel room, house, condo, etc.) up to 1000 feet away.

The Tattle-Trail TTK 550 is simple to install and easy to use. Simply plug the transmitter into the 12VDC receptacle of the towed vehicle and plug the receiver into the 12VDC receptacle of the towing vehicle. The transmitter and receiver communicate wirelessly with no additional wiring or calibration necessary. Adjust the receiver sensitivity with a single knob while driving to allow for current road conditions. The Tattle-Trail TTK 550 provides peace of mind and allows the user to Tow with Confidence!

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