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GSM RV Guardian System

$688.88  $650.50

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  • Model: gsm_rv
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs
  • Manufactured by: Guardian Wireless

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Fully customized RV Guardian security system consists of a two way telemetry radio coupled with wireless monitoring technology solution. Connect the equipment to a 12 volt power supply, peel off the backing tape on the sensors, place them in the designated areas and you are ready to start monitoring. RV Guardian calls up to three phone number contacts. You can log on to the Internet to review history of events and recieve status, Global Positioning System coordinates of your RV Guardian. You can also arm/disarm your RV Guardian security system via Internet just incase an unexpected visitor arrives and you are not near your RV.
RV Guardian includes main unit, loss of power, two intrusion sensors, a keyfob and dual mode antenna.
RV Guardian has a $29.95 monthly service charge, similar to a cell phone charge. Order today and receive 30% off your monthly service charge for 12 months. In order to receive your calls incase of an alarms, daily status messages and Internet operation for your unit this charge must exist. A customer service agreement must also be signed within 30 days of receiving your unit in order to keep your service. If you are interested in value added reseller pricing, contract or the customer service agreement please feel free to contact us. Each of our units is customized to your needs.
RV Security System - Monitor with alarm security to prevent RV damage. Anything can happen at anytime to your RV. Unfortunately, you will not always be there to stop daily threats your RV faces before they result in severe damage. At Guardian Wireless Inc. & we know that you cannot be on your RV all the time to protect it. That is why we developed RV Security System - RV Guardian. The RV Security System - RV
Guardian system will provide protection and notification
against the most prevalent threats to your RV while at the same time giving RV owners the ability to remotely activate and deactivate electronic devices on board.
RV Security System - RV Guardian uses wireless sensors to detect unauthorized entry, smoke, heat, high water levels, GPS, loss of shore power and low battery voltage. RV Security System - RV Guardian builds a virtual fence around a parked RV. RV Security System - RV Guardian can take some of the worry out of RV ownership.


By logging onto the our web site at anytime you can view the status and condition of your RV. RV Guardian allows you to always know where your RV is located. In renter applications, a user may want to monitor loss of power or temperature. Commercial users may want to track GPS (Global Positional System). As your needs change your RV Guardian can be updated and upgraded to accommodate. If you purchase a new RV your RV Guardian system can go with you. The simple removal and installation makes it easy.

Here's How It Works:

RV Guardian is a wireless securitysystem that provides security capabilities and remote activation. RVGuardian monitors for illegal entry, smoke, GPS co-ordinates and low battery voltage plus more.


The RV Guardian unit will connect to our secure server and immediately begin monitoring your RV. RV Guardian is completely customizable, upgradeable and transferable. 

How RV Guardian Works

Simply install your RV Guardian and log on to the Internet to monitor your RV. If a problem occurs RV Guardian will notify you immediately. The RV Guardian technology will allow you to correct any situation before significant damage occurs. The RV Guardian network provides coverage in continental North America, Canada and Mexico. Where ever you are, RV Guardian is there to guard and monitor your property, continuously on guard.

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